Luca as Grey in Snowpiercer

I’m so, so curious about Gilliam’s relationship with Grey. Gilliam acts as a mentor to Curtis, but with Grey it’s gentler somehow, like Grey is his real son. Edgar is just the baby he saved, Ed’s relationship with Curtis gets more focus.

Grey could be a trainbaby, collectively raised by the people. He picked up languages from everyone, tattooed basics words on his body for communication. How did he lose his voice? Were his mother killed like Edgar’s? Were there a generation of trainbabies raised by the same people who killed their parents?

Curtis was dead inside with guilt over his action, what about everyone else that survived on human flesh?

WaitwAITWAIT that touch on the side of Grey’s face, that could be Gilliam entrusting Curtis to him. Gilliam knew that Grey would get Gurtis where he needed to be. Wilford DID say Gilliam saved Curtis for the revolution, to be the heir, right?

((Wilford and Gilliam as two creepy-daddies manipulating Curtis into taking their thrones, god this is so fucked up.))

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1/4 of The Musketeers
D’ArtagnanPrepare to fight, one of us dies here.

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It wasn’t only murder that made our night together memorable. You’re at the crossroads, d’Artagnan. Don’t take the wrong path. Choose the musketeers and you choose oblivion.

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" I can’t leave him, not like this.
" He’s bluffing.

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Give him up or he dies. It’s your choice. 

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