halt and catch fire 108



Lee showering. Thank you 30 beats. Thank You

I think this might be my 340th time reblogging these gifs.

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Joe, please. I already got the hard sell from your wunderkind over there. 


"Are you going to get bored of me?"

"I don’t know."

I hope they make it!!! I really love them!!!

S01E07: Giant

What are you doing?

Turning you on.

i got a request for joe and cameron at the party but there weren’t a lot of scenes of them together so i wanted to gif this one because i like that joe defended cameron to simon and then went to help her even though she was clearly drunk and acting ridiculous.

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when you’re smiling, when you’re smiling

the whole world smiles with you (。^‿^。)

For thelifeinmyshadesofgrey :3

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If Lee Pace’s laughter is the best medicine then Ned’s smiles are the spoonful of sugar that helps it go down

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